(Rumor) The MacBook 2017 model is “LTE, FORCE TOUCH KEYBOARD, and the price is cheaper to sell”?

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How will it be updated indeed?

“I want you wanted …”

While thinking that the edge is too effective, it is still unable to purchase MacBook. I think that someone with a USB type C port or a keystroke on the butterfly keyboard is shallow (I got accustomed as I touch the exhibit … …) and someone would push my back … I think, One year since the last model appeared. I heard rumors of the update soon. The original story is inquisitr.com.

“That’s true!”

There are places that can be convinced
“Do you really want to recruit?”
It is also a fact that there are doubts.

My prediction is CPU and memory upgrade. MacBook Air 13-inch will be discontinued and MacBook will be responsible for the role of Air, and accordingly it will be sold at a somewhat cheaper price than now?
It is a prediction.

Well, it is rumor to the last, so I would be happy if you read it comfortably.


What is “MacBook” yet?

The 12-inch MacBook is one of Apple’s most edge-proven devices that Apple has never released before.

  • Intel M Series Processor
  • One USB type C port
  • A shallow stroke, a new butterfly keyboard

Compared to MacBook Air with Intel Core I series processor, multiple ports, and a good, orthodox keyboard, you can see that the 12 inch MacBook is more edgy.

However this year, the 12 “MacBook 2017 may become a” remarkable upgrade “.
Well, it is a forecast for the 12-inch MacBook 2017 …

  • New processor
  • Improve RAM
  • Improve battery life

There is a possibility of further performance improvement such as.


The processor will come equipped with Intel’s 7 th generation “Kaby Lake Processor” “Low Power Intel M Series Chips”. By doing so, it will show significantly better performance than conventional ones.


There is a rumor that the MacBook 2017 will upgrade to 16 GB of RAM. The MacBook that was released twice in the past has 8 GB of memory, and 16 GB updates have been postponed. By setting it to 16 GB, operations such as multitasking and switching between programs ensure that the speed of Intel M series processors with low power consumption is increased.


There is a possibility that the 12-inch MacBook 2017 will be equipped with the LTE connection function. Because the MacBook is designed for portability, the MacBook 2017 will be more appealing for consumers by equipping LTE connectivity. Most 12-inch MacBook users want to make a net connection with MacBook alone even in places without Wi-Fi.


I anticipate the Force Touch Keyboard.

Although little is known about this function, I anticipate that the MacBook 2017 will be equipped with a “high-tech butterfly mechanism keyboard” based on the same system as the “Force Touch trackpad”.


Finally (although this is a wishful observation …), the 12-inch MacBook is actually just a bit affordable for a cheap price. This means that Apple’s $ 1,000 laptop laptop MacBook Air may end sales.

Until now Apple has responded to MacBook Air for general users, but if MacBook Air finished its role, there is a possibility that the MacBook will play its role this time.

Release date

Although the release date of the 12-inch MacBook 2017 is unknown, it is highly likely to be announced in the second half of 2017. Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo mentioned that ultra-portable laptops are likely to enter production “during the second quarter of 2017” leading to “June or July 2017 release” I will.


I found something interesting as I looked at rumors about future MacBook features.

Last year, it seems that the reference of “ARM driven MacBook” has leaked out from the leak of the website “TechTastic” on the Dutch high tech theme. In the kernel of macOS Sierra, a line related to “ARM HURRICANE” was discovered.