(Rumor) Does the AMD Ryzen processor be installed in the MacBook Pro 2017 ? or not ?

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MacBook Proの噂

MacBook Proの噂

The era of AMD?

AMD Ryzen processor …
This year, AMD is bustling the PC market. Meanwhile, rumors of the 2017 MacBook Pro came out.

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AMD seems to be sweeping the world with the Ryzen processor.

According to the latest report, Apple may be considering the 2017 MacBook Pro series AMD Ryzen processor which will be released later this year.

Apple was a release after trying the last year ‘s 2016 MacBook Pro “Increasing creativity further”, but there were many who were not satisfied with Touch Bar’ s “only innovation” Input / output port was also missing.
Apple hopes to resolve all the flaws pointed out by users this year, and it seems to provide more creative machines better than the current series.

At Apple’s annual shareholders’ meeting Tim Cook told “Creative areas are very important”.
KGI ‘s Ming – Chi Kuo expects the MacBook Pro 2017 to be “big reform” this year.

The MacBook Pro 2016 was not much faster than previous models because it wanted to save battery life while maintaining performance level. Also, although the dissatisfaction with the small amount of RAM in the MacBook Pro series is that, the company may offer 32 GB RAM options this year.

The AMD Ryzen processor for mobile devices will also be released in the second half of 2017, which is the best timing for the Apple MacBook Pro 2017.