I examined charging of iPad

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Apple USB Power Adapter

Apple USB Power Adapter

“Knowing may not have a loss …”

For iPad and iPhone, the power supply of the USB adapter / port is different.

For example, if you connect the iPad to a common ordinary USB port

“I am not charging”

It may be displayed.
This seems to happen because the output of the USB port is only 2.5 W.
As the iPad goes to sleep, it gets charged a bit, but it takes a very long time …

By the way it is a power adapter for iPhone 5W.
It is 5.5 W if it is a USB port of a personal computer equipped with a high power USB port.
In this case, you can charge it a little faster.
Mac: “MacBook / 13 inch, 2, models after 2007 are installed”

If you want to recharge the battery as quickly as possible, that means “Please use the attached adapter for the iPad” …

As an aside, when charging with the power adapter, charging iPad with the iPhone attached power adapter, although it takes a little bit, it was able to charge.

Apple USB Power Adapter

“Charging with power adapter”

  • iPad Air -> 12w
  • iPad mini Retina -> 10w
  • old iPad mini -> 5w
  • iPhone -> 5w


When “Charging with PC USB port”

  • Hi Power USB -> 5.5w
  • Normal USB -> 2.5w