Your Great Sleep Guide

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I understand that …

Everyday life, I forgot to neglect a little “sleep”
In order to work energetically every day, this time I made an article about sleep.

When I went to Kushiro the other day, I found a brochure written about sleeping at the accommodation hotel (ANA Crowne Plaza Hotel Kushiro), I thought it would be of great help, I left it as a memorandum this time.
From today I think that I will practice from what I can do.

Sleep well to live well

There is no doubt that a good sleep has great benefits.
It not only gives your brain and body the rest it needs but acts to maintain physical and mental health as well.
Fatigue relief, immune strength, emotions, memory and mental capacity, as well as appetite and obesity
can all be directly linked to sleep.

Sleep is regulated by two processes in our brain. One process is to do with the ‘maintenance of homeostasis’ or, in
simple terms, when we sleep after having been awake for a long period of time. The second process is to do with our
‘internal body clock’, when we sleep because it’s night time.

So what is the secret to sleeping well? Start with reviewing your daily routine and how you can incorporate some of our tips that can help to improve the quality of your sleep.

Wake up every morning at a set time

“minimize the difference in ght time you wake up on weekends and on weekdays.”

Most of us look forward to the weekend to be able to relax and sleep for a little longer. But it’s important to try and make every effort to wake up at the same time on weekends as you would on weekdays. If you do wish to sleep longer, it’s best to keep it between a maximum of one to two hours. If you sleep any longer than that, you’ll have trouble waking up the morning after the weekend is over.

“You can’t save up on sleep”

Unfortunately, you can’t ‘save up’ on sleep beforehand to enable you to stay up late at night. If you feel extermely sleepy during the day on a regular basis, it may mean that you aren’t getting enough sleep. Time to relook at your lifestyle habits.

Reset your internal body clock with the morning sun and good breakfast habits

Get a good dose of sun in the morning.

One full day for your internal body clock is roughly 25 hours.
This internal clock is reset every morning, and the most effective tool in resetting your internal system is the morning sunlight. So get up, get outside and expose yourself to some sunlight.

Have breakfast at the same time every morning.

Proper eating habits form the basis of maintaining your health.
This includes a consistent eating schedule that also functions to reset your internal body clock. Do make it a point to eat breakfast at a set time every morning to help develop a daily rhythm.

Achieve variation in your life

Keep yourself busy during the day.

Always try to stay active during the day by engaging in work, hobbies and interests or activities like going out and meeting friends. By heightening your level of consciousness during the day, you’ll fall asleep more smoothly and also be less prone to waking up during your sleep.

Exercise lightly between the evening and nightfall.

By moving your body and boosting your body temperature in the hours between evening and nightfall, you’ll fall asleep
more easily as your body temperature drops by the time you go to bed. It’s probably best to exercise for 30 minutes until you work up a bit of a sweat.

Take short naps, the right way

“Take a nap for about 20 minutes preferably before 3.00pm.”

lt recommended that you take a nap for about 20-30 minutes between noon and 3.00pm. Your drowsiness will disappear and you’ll have a heightened level of consciousness. Most importantly, your brain and body will function more efficiently.

Try not to take a nap after evening hours.

The last thing you want is to feel wide-awake at night, so avoid taking a nap or dozing off during the evening hours, as it will result in the inability to fall asleep or get a deep sleep at night.

Mellow out at night

Refrain from caffeine or having a nightcap.

lt known that the caffeine in coffee and green tea acts as a stimulant and can interfere with a sound sleep in the second half of the night. As tempting as tea or coffee sounds, it’s advisable to enjoy these drinks during the daytime, wisely and in moderation.

Take a leisurely lukewarm bath.

Soak yourself in a lukewarm bath and afterwards, take a moment to sit and relax before climbing into bed.
Allowing your body temperature to lower after your bath will help you to transition smoothly into your sleep.

Don’t let steep cause you worry

Everyone has a different sleeping schedule.

You don’t need to stick to the rule of getting 8 hours of sleep every night or force yourself to go to bed early.
If you’re not overwhelmed by a sense of drowsiness that disrupts your day-to-day life, there no need for you to worry.

Don’t put too much pressure on yourself to fall asleep.

If you put too much pressure on yourself to get a good night’s rest, you probably won’t be able to fall asleep at all.
When you have trouble falling asleep, simply get out of bed and return once you start feeling sleepy again. As simple as that.

Create a good sleeping environment

Relax with the right lighting, music and aroma.

Before you go to sleep, prepare yourself by relaxing mind and body.
Create an environment of your choice by using elements such as soft and warm lighting, your favourite music, and aroma oil scents.

Use a pillow that suits you

Your posture while lying down on your back-is the basis for choosing the right pillow.
The perfect pillow height is one which allows your cervical spine to curve slightly forward and your chin to be slightly tucked in, as compared to when you’re standing up.
Choose a pillow that right for you by considering aspects such as firmness, texture and level of moisture absorption/desorption.